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Thursday, September 24
1:00 PM - 1:40 PM

Hardening Apache Cassandra for Compliance (or Paranoia).
Every Apache Cassandra installation needs to be secured, either for compliance or security reasons. Out of the box, Cassandra is an open system, free from authentication, authorization and encryption. With little additional effort, however, it can be secured to meet most regulatory and security requirements.

In this talk Nate McCall, Co-Founder at The Last Pickle, will explain how to implement inter-node and client-server SSL Encryption, Client Authentication and Authorisation, Internode Authentication, and JMX security. While few people pose a deep understanding of security, everyone should know how to implement the basics for Apache Cassandra.

Nate McCall - The Last Pickle
Nate is currently the co-founder of TheLastPickle (TLP), an Apache Cassandra consulting firm. Prior to TLP, he was the development lead for the Usergrid platform (now incubating at the Apache Software Foundation) at Apigee and was also the lead developer of the open source Hector client for Apache Cassandra.

Prior to Apigee, Nathan was an early employee at DataStax where he held several positions including team lead for the first iterations of DataStax Enterprise. He has presented at conferences such as Oracle's JavaOne and O' Reilly's Strata and OSCON. Nathan is also co-founder of the Cassandra-Austin and Hadoop Users meetup groups in Austin, TX.

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