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Thursday, September 24
10:45 AM - 11:25 AM

Extending Cassandra for Fun and Profit
With just a few modifications, you can leverage the Cassandra codebase to build new and interesting distributed systems. All it takes is a basic understanding of some Cassandra internals, and some Java skill. In this presentation I will walk you through the practical considerations, such as determining which use-cases may warrant extending or embedding Cassandra, and the steps involved to add new functionality to the database. Participants will learn how they can use Cassandra as a platform for building a custom distributed system, while gaining a code-level understanding of Cassandra internals.

Gary Dusbabek - SVDS
An Apache Cassandra committer and PMC member, Gary Dusbabek is a life-long programmer specializing in distributed systems. Past experience includes working with large-scale text and image indexes in the newspaper industry and building multi-data center distributed metrics and monitoring system for a large Cloud provider. Gary is the principal architect behind the open source Blueflood metrics platform.

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