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Wednesday, September 23
1:50 PM - 2:30 PM

Datos IO: Consistent Repair-free Recovery for Cassandra
A scale-out distributed database like Cassandra enables the next generation of applications, but also brings with it the increased risk of data loss. Datos IO is filling this need with its industry-first versioning and recovery platform that provides enterprises with consistent repair-free recovery for Cassandra data stores. This presentation focuses on the technical motivations and challenges behind the need to design a brand-new approach to versioning and recovery for scale-out databases like Cassandra. The presentation will feature a live demo with Datos IO’s leading-edge data protection features, and will finish with a real-world case study from Fleming Shi, VP of Technology of Barracuda Networks.

The presentation will also feature Aaron Morton, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at The Last Pickle, and Fleming Shi, Vice President of Technology at Barracuda Networks.

Prasenjit Sarkar - Datos IO
With a focus on big data, distributed systems, and file systems, Prasenjit has defined and led industry disruptions, delivered storage and systems products, and led product development organizations to deliver next-gen solutions—all while generating millions in revenue for IBM.

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